A fictional job board for developers to find design-focused development roles.

Primary Stack:

ReactTypeScriptTailwind CSSNode.jsExpressPostgreSQL

Additional Tech:

WebpackAWS EC2Argon2Context APIReact DropzoneReact Tabs

Why I Built this App

For my final project at LearningFuze, I wanted to create a full-stack app that I would actually use if it existed. Before I became a software engineer, I spent a decade as a designer and I would love to be in a development role that utilizes my design skills. This is the job board that I wish existed for devs like me, those that are as comfortable in Figma as they are in a code editor.


  • Users can view a list of design-focused software engineering jobs.
  • Users can filter and search the list by title, company, location, level, and salary.
  • Users can create an account.
  • Users can submit applications for the jobs.
  • Users see a list of all the jobs they have applied for

Quick Demos

A gif showing off the search and filtering features A gif showing off the job application form with a drag and drop resume uploader.