About Me

Before I became a software engineer I spent a decade in various design roles. Beginning with print and graphic design, then moving to web and product design. During that time I also started learing basic web development through low-code tools like Webflow.

In 2016, I helped start and run a digital agency called Coefficient. We helped b2b manufacturing and technology companies communicate their value through positioning and design. I oversaw the creative strategy, web design, and web development for our clients.

In 2021, I co-founded LeadAnswer, a sales sms automation platform. I am the lead product designer and front-end engineer.

In 2023, I attended LearningFuze to learn modern web application development. My learning was focused on the PERN stack (PostgreSQL, Express, React, Node.js) and TypeScript. I studied under Robert Gardner, who, before joining LearningFuze, spent 15 years as an engineer at Google, ending his time there as a Director of Software Engineering.

I am passionate about building products that are straightforward, intuitive, and delightful to use. I love working with React, TypeScript, and Tailwind CSS.

Outside of work I am a husband, dog dad, gamer, perpetual jiu jitsu newbie, mechanical keyboard nerd, and recovering metalhead.